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Gelgia @ Indie Artists

Paradox is, although not duly credited enough, one of the greatest purely independent rock bands to come out of the UK in the past 10 years.



PaRaDoX – Working  Class

David Horn - GIGgle Pics 1 June 2013

It’s always a bonding moment with a band when their lyrics sink into your skull and your first thought is ‘I hear you’.  This is something very likely to happen when you hear Paradox’s new single Working Class.  Out on the 3rd of June; Paradox sum up daily life succinctly and enjoyably, unless of course you object to being called crazy.


The music supports this message.  There are no bright vibes or uplifting guitar solos, instead Paradox have gone for moments.  These moments will make your ears smile.  The warm bass line and vocal breakdown keep Working Class fresh, as the ending creates an equally welcome surprize.  The pace shifts down a few gears as everyone in the band takes it down a notch.   The song doesn’t end though without one last burst of energy.



Folkestone Harbour Festival 11 August 2013

Sarah Quinn @ GIGglepics

One of the most engaging bands to watch performance wise and their set was so strong that people were unaware that the majority of the set were originals, such is the quality of their own material.  I really, really want you guys to go and see for yourselves, you’ll be blown away I promise you.




Harp Club Folkestone 30 November 2013

Dan Theman @ GIGglepics

At a lot of shows I attend you often find the crowd don’t respond this well to the original material being played but with tunes like this PaRaDoX really do whip the crowd in to a frenzy.